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Have a Plan


Have A Plan

Have important documents ready

Keep important documents such as birth and marriage certificates in a safe place where a friend or family member can find them if necessary. Have contact information for your attorney, local consulate or a trusted organization on hand. Carry a know-your-rights card with you.

Discuss your plan with people you trust

Talk to a trusted legal expert or community organization who will be able to help you if you are ever detained. Authorize a trusted person to care for your children in case of an emergency. Save money so you can be prepared to cover the costs of an attorney, or know where to find free legal support if you are detained.

Find legal help

Nonprofit organizations that provide low-cost help can be found at or  

You can search for an immigration lawyer using the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s online directory,, or the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild’s find-a-lawyer tool,

Engage with Trusted Partners